Academy of Music

Renuka started her Aatma Academy of Music with a clear Vision and a strong mission.”Aatma”serves as an e-Cademy as well. Renuka provides tutelage to her students over the globe

Mission : To enrich Music Listening experience through specialized ‘Music for All’ Creations

Vision : Music For All – Every independent Artist receives a platform to express their art. 

Values : Music is a life long relationship, so is learning
Musicianship turns to be socially obliged and intelligently consumed
Music for all, irrespective of language,region and age

What We Do ?

We Curate – Curate Music Festivals for Music enthusiasts and common people, Music Mediation, Music Workshops 

We Collaborate – With Musicians & Artists from all parts of World. To broaden our Cultural Experience and facilitate Cultural Exchanges

We Produce – GLMF has already produced Music Singles from diversified Genres. We aim to pitch into unexplored and rejected/forgotten art forms. Especially the hundreds of folk art forms in Kerala.

We Appreciate – Explain musical values and systems with reference to Sociological factors and Cultural contexts

Renuka’s philosophy on Life is borrowed from the famous poet Mary Oliver – ‘I don’t want to end up simply having visited this world’.

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