“Her outstanding plus is her bhava. The way she enters the soul of the kriti she sings and brings out the intense emotion that the vaaggeyakara might have experienced during its composition is simply amazing. When she beseeches Padmanabha not to leave her, we lose ourselves. This much bhava at this young age is not very common.The way she connects with those on the stage and the audience is also worth noticing and emulating.

Renuka’s film music and album pieces also are seductive in their own way. Her magnum opus so far, Entharo Mahanubhavulu' in the Telugu filmBhale Bhale Magadivoyi’, where Carnatic and electronic music hold each other in tight embrace, is at once addictive and seductive.One wonders whether it would have been this much inviting had it been sung by some other popular singer. Having so far gleaned more than a lakh likes on FB, the song has to be heard to believe all these paeans

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