Renuka Arun is currently employed as a Software Engineer with Ernst & Young, Infopark, Kochi. Renuka is an Engineering graduate and had worked with prominent MNC’s for the past twelve years. She is a certified Project Manager from the Project Management Institute, USA. Renuka is the founder of Golden Lyre Music Foundation, the fundamental objective of the Foundation being promotion of Independent Music. The foundation has already produced Music Singles from diversified Genres. Her latest single Maravairi has one several mentions and awards at International Film Festivals including IDSFFK Kerala, Militello Film Fest Italy.

She has been engaged with Carnatic Music for over twenty eight years.
She started learning under the very eminent guru Chandramana Narayanan Namboothiri since 1990 as a toddler and he continues to be her guru to date. Renuka also had undergone musical tutelage under senior musician Seetha Narayanan, Chennai.

Renuka performed her first concert in the year 1992.Till now she has performed in more than seven hundred stages including various sabhas and academies all over India and abroad. She was called a child prodigy when she performed at a tender age at the prestigious organizations like Naradagana Sabha (Chennai), Madras Music Academy, Music Academy (Trivandrum), Shanmughananda Fine arts (Bombay).

She also had the exceptional opportunity to perform music at Prasanti Nilayam Puttaparti before Bhagwan Sri Satya Sai Baba in 1999. Bhagwan Sathya Sai Baba himself walked to the dais to honor her. Renuka treasures such great events including the unforgettable hours she sang before the immortal queen of Music, Smt M S Subbulakshmi

One of her concerts performed at Parliament of religions, Shringeri Madam Kalady at the age of fourteen had won accolades and the prestigious Sachidananda Mission award. She was a ninth grade student then. This organization is based in Italy.

Renuka has interest in Light Music, Semi Classical and Fusion & Contemporary Music. She has recorded a handful of albums with world famous musicians and percussionists combining the essence of Eastern and Western Music. Recently she recorded for renowned Music Composer Gopisundar for a Telugu movie. Her debutant song won outstanding appreciations from the media and film fraternity. Her latest song “Seeta Kalyanam” for the movie ‘Solo’ is a chartbuster with more than 12 million views in youtube

Renuka is married to Arun, an IT professional and lives near Kochi

Her Music 
Renuka’s music is charcterized by uniqueness soaked in “Bhava”. Her rendition possess Aesthetic Classicism.Her Carnatic concerts upholds sheer brilliance, fitting finesse and sheer brilliance. Renuka is blessed with a voice which is sonorous and at the same time serene, sweet and sticks to perfect shruthi.

In the dias she transforms into a diginfied and disciplined singer. 
She is well convinced about the priority characteristic of Classical music – Bhava . She finds the soul of the song and inturn renders it soulfully 
She believes that the stage mannerisms should be subtle and it should not hinder the feminine nature of a lady vocalist

Well trained, wonderful voice has been skillfully etched through the years and this potential aided her in experimenting different genres of music. Renuka is one among the first set of musicians venturing Indo Western fusion live concerts in Kerala. She doesnt have any conflicts about her Carnatic concerts and other forms of music. She has assimilated wide range of musical ideas and she is very keen about cogitative quality of her concerts. Profesionally she is a software quality expert and tries to apply quality principles in her performances.

Feedback on her Music

“Her outstanding plus is her bhava. The way she enters the soul of the kriti she sings and brings out the intense emotion that the vaaggeyakara might have experienced during its composition is simply amazing. When she beseeches Padmanabha not to leave her, we lose ourselves. This much bhava at this young age is not very common.The way she connects with those on the stage and the audience is also worth noticing and emulating.

Renuka’s film music and album pieces also are seductive in their own way. Her magnum opus so far Endaro Mahanubhavulu for the Telugu Movie Bhale Bhale Magadivoyi’, where Carnatic and electronic music hold each other in tight embrace, is at once addictive and seductive.